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 Corporate mission   Continue to provide the community with environmentally friendly building materials
Actively respond to the national advocacy of resource-based society, change the industrial mode, realize industrial upgrading, eliminate backward production capacity, adhere to the road of sustainable development, put forward new material technology development of building decoration materials, building materials to achieve low energy consumption, low emissions, and create a friendly building materials environment.

Core values of enterprises  Create wealth and win-win situation
Customers are always at the first place. Win-win with partners. Share with strivers. We regard customers, employees and partners as the most important community of interests. The maximization of the value of the three main bodies is the goal of the enterprise, and the maximization of the value of the enterprise or shareholders is the natural reflection of the realization of the above goals, which promotes the business spirit of guangdong Jinyuan.

The spirit of enterprise  Vitality, innovation, efficiency, responsibility
Vitality: full of vitality, with a positive outlook, optimistic attitude to create an active atmosphere, enjoy every day of work.
Innovation: full staff innovation, not only in the product and technology innovation, but also in the spirit of ownership thinking to encourage innovation in their own positions.
High efficiency: only the high efficiency of the individual can bring the high efficiency of the team. The plan is the beginning, the efficiency is the base, and the Sun qing is the end. We should cooperate with each other and rationally allocate resources to achieve the scale industry.
Responsibility: do a person with sense of responsibility, start from ordinary things, small as family and work, big as environment and society, each do their duty, try their best, build harmonious big family together.

Enterprise vision  Tree quality model, set up the industry benchmark

Establish the ultimate intelligent production and the whole process of service. Pay attention to research and development, with the idea of extreme health, extreme performance and standard application, put forward scientific product solutions, with leading information technology to realize the personalized customization of non-standard materials.


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