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Company Profile



Company Profile


Kingwins was established at 1993 and focuses on the development of ecological environmental materials.

After 20 years’ development, Kingwins has rich experience in the industrial application, technology, and corporate management.



In recent years, the“Aluminum Non-combustible Panel” obtained national patents.

Aluminum non-combustible panel that can be used as a facade, cladding, canopy, internal ceiling, soffit, or just as an architectural feature. The product is eco-friendly, A grade fire safety and easy application that provides clients a more reliable solution.

The aluminum non-combustible panel consists of two layers of aluminum surface combined with an aluminum core together. Meanwhile, our product has advantages of A Grade Fire Safety, Flatness, Rich in Color, Windload Resistance, Weather Resistance, Recyclable. Therefore, the product can meet a variety of design requirements.


Over the years, Kingwins has completed different kinds of successful projects around the world, such as Sydney Meriton Suites Bondi Junction Project, University of Technology Sydney, A-mart Furniture chain, Melbourne Little Boundary Road Office, Philippines Modala Resort, and so on.

Meanwhile, Kingwins reached a lot of strategic cooperation agreements with international construction companies in overseas.

Kingwins take “constantly provide environmentally friendly building materials for the society” as a mission. At the same time, Kingwins continues enhancing research and development of products, optimizing the business process, maintaining the leadership position in the industry. 

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