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Product Introduction



Product Introduction


Product Introduction
Aluminum Non-combustible Panel (ANP) is an improved product from aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel. ANP is firmer and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panel with lower price. Besides, compared with aluminum composite panel, ANP has higher fireproof. It is fully composed of aluminum, 100% environmentally friendly and A2 Grade fire resistant. What’s more, the appearance is various, no matter stone, wood or mirror could be processed. So ANP could perfectly instead aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel.

Product Structure

Product Advantage

A Grade Fire Safety
Passed A Grade Fireproof test and SGS test from domestic and international professional organizations.

Good flatness, light (1/3 of solid panel at same thickness)

Rich in Color
Uniform coating, colorful, can replace stone or wood.

Windload Resistance
Refer to mechanics principle of arch bridge, high strength wind pressure, soundproof and heat resistance.

Weather Resistance
Adapt to -40℃~80℃, no discoloring and no delamination up to 20 years.

Whole aluminum, 100% recyclable, Eco-Friendly, Zero-Formaldehyde.

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