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4.0 Industrial Production Line


Industry 4.0 Production line

Guangdong Kingwins of rich experience in design and optimization of value, 4.0 research and development, the production line of the second generation of industrial production line to zero after the production of the switching process in the production of three major product series 100 a variety of different specifications, different types of products, and customized with a single product can achieve the small batch production, flexible production efficiency by 400%.
More personalized Internet work stations
Connecting people, machines, and products is the core tool for increasing flexibility, accelerating processes, and mastering product processes. Through the information preparation of the process before and after, our production line can achieve intuitive operation guidance, so that people are always at the core of the value-added process.

Equipped with intelligent dynamic production management system     opcon suite workshop software solutions
The production information and control system works with flexible and expanded APP, which can realize visualization and efficient communication of all data needed in the industry 4.0 production process, quickly and effectively solve problems in the production process and ensure quality.

Combine production alliances with suppliers and customers

Our production line is built with the goal of improving production efficiency and product quality to better respond to market changes. The production line is equipped with a full range of functions to prepare for the next step: integrating suppliers and customers into the process, delivering product information intelligently to customers and providing value-added services and benefits to customers. Such systems will be implemented in king's value stream in the future.


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